Have a friend who drives too fast? Drives too close behind others? Loves the thrill of speed or makes dangerous moves?

don't kill your mates...

Deadly mates kill
Who are yours?

The most dangerous people behind the wheel are young males with passengers because they drive faster for the thrill of it and to show off.

They are more likely to be a new driver with little or no experience so when they drive at speed, they are more likely to lose control behind the wheel.

Making sharp, risky driving moves at speed or driving too close behind other cars is really dangerous as they won't be able to brake in time if, for example, a child runs into the road.

Deadly Mates have their friends in the car with them chatting, laughing, listening to music and they aren't concentrating fully on what they're doing. Often, they don't realise how fast they're driving.

Their friends put pressure on them to take risks at the wheel for a laugh, or they race other cars, which is stupid and really dangerous.

Taking drugs or drinking and driving do not mix but Deadly Mates think they can handle it. They think they are above the law and won't get caught but this is when accidents happen.  They do happen.

The Deadly Mate

Friend, mate, pal, killer...

You've been through everything together and got into all sorts of scrapes. You would trust them with anything. But when they get behind the wheel they change.  Too cocky and self assured they're forgetting that they're putting your lives and those around you in serious danger.

This is when your trusted mate could very easily become your killer, it really does happen, too often.

They may be your best pal but just don't get in the car with them.


Young drivers have more road accidents than anyone else. They have around one in three of all collisions where someone is killed or seriously injured.

Deadly Mates end up in accidents because of their dangerous driving behaviour and because of their attitude. They're too busy thinking about their cool image and not thinking enough about their driving and value of their life.

got a mate like this?

Worried about a deadly mate?

If you're worried about a Deadly Mate, first of all don't get in the car with them. Then try giving them the hint with some of the following.

If you have any doubts...
don't get in the car them.